The Witchcraft Wand is one of the four elemental tools utilised in witchcraft.  It traditionally represents the element of air, however some covens use it to represent fire.  It is also aligned to the minor arcana suit of the wands in tarot.

Witchcraft wands have been used for thousands of years in rituals and spell casting.  It is an extension of a pointed finger and it amplifies intend to the object identified.  Which is why there is a cultural fear associated with pointing fingers or ‘pointing the bone’ at someone.  

In magical practice it’s used as an amplifier for your energy and intent.  To use a wand hold it in your power hand and focus your energy through it.  Visualise your energy leaving the tip of the wand as a bright beam of light.

Wands are traditionally made of wood, however you can make them out of other materials including metal and deer antlers (ones that have been voluntarily dropped by the deer not one that have been taken forcefully!).  

Wants are a great tool to make yourself as it connects you to the tool on a deeper level and they are relatively simple to make.  Keep an eye out for a stick that suits your purpose and adorn it with magical items like crystals, feathers and symbols. 

As with any magical tool be sure to bless and consecrate your wand before use.

I have two wands.  One made of wood and one made of deer antler. Both are adorned with crystals and I use them both, selecting whichever one suits my purpose at the time.

You can find out more about witchcraft tools in this post.

Blessed Be

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