One of the most common misperceptions I come across (other than witchcraft being devil worship) is that you need a bunch of expensive ‘stuff’ to practice witchcraft.  So, I want to be really clear here – you do not need a bunch of stuff to practice witchcraft.

Yes, witches use tools and resources, but they are used to channel and direct your energy.  Which you are perfectly capable of doing without a bunch of fancy equipment.  The tools do not create the magic – you do.  You can start your practice with yourself, a quite space, a pen, paper and a few candles.

Having said that, experience tells me that if you are a novice witch or are just dipping a toe in the water then you are curious about what tools are used in witchcraft, so I’ve listed commonly used tools below.  Click the links for each of the Witchcraft Tools to find out what they are, and what they are used for.

Other things that you will find in the possession of most witches include a pentacle, crystals, sage sticks, incense, tarot cards, herbs and essential oils.  And glass jars….. witches seem to have a thing for collecting jars!

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