A Wiccan altar is a witch’s sacred space for practicing ritual, worshiping deities and casting spells.  The composition of a Wiccan altar is very personal to the witch and there are no hard and fast rules here.  What I’ve included below is a starting point for your to create your own sacred space. Please do not feel like you must have all of these items or that you must have just one dedicated space in your home for your practice.

I have groupings of sacred and magical items throughout my home.  I don’t have just one Wiccan altar as I’ve integrated my practice into my day to day life.  Other witches I know keep their sacred items and magical tools in one location that only they access within their home. I say do whatever works best for you!

Most Wiccan Altars will contain the following

  • A representation of the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water.  This can be as simple as coloured candles, or including your magical tools that represent the various elements.
  • A bowl of salt and a cup (chalice) of water or wine.
  • A representation of the duality of divine energy. The masculine and the feminine.  Some people choose to represent this with deities from their particular faith. Some choose to represent this by including a silver item for the feminine and a gold item for the masculine.
  • An incense burner or oil diffuser. Oil diffusers are becoming more common due to ease of use and ease of access to quality essential oils.
  • A pentacle. Sometimes this is also the representation for the element of earth.
  • A candle.  Again this can also serve a dual purpose by representing the element of fire.
  • Something to cast your circle, like an athame or this can also be done in your mind using visualisation.
  • If you are casting a spell, undertaking rituals or divination you will also place the items you intend to work with on the altar before you start.

Want to read this again later? Pin it to your favourite Pinterest board using the image below.

Want to read this again later? Pin it to your favourite Pinterest board using the image below.

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