The lunar cycle is very important to witches. It presents a great opportunity to understand the cycles of energy our planet goes through and when the most powerful times are to undertake certain rituals and spells.

The lunar cycle is 28 days long.  It begins with at the new moon, which is when we see no moon in the sky.  The day before the new moon is generally recognised as the dark moon.

The new moon

The new moon is a very powerful time for cleansing and new beginnings.  It is also a great time to set your intentions for the coming weeks and start manifesting your desired outcomes through ritual and spellwork.

The waxing moon phase

The moon grows during the waxing phase all the way up to the full moon approximately two weeks after the new moon.  The waxing moon phase is the time to start exploring your dreams or what you intend to manifest. It’s important to stay focused and committed during this phase.

The full moon

The full moon is a very powerful time.  Many witches choose to undertake ritual on the full moon and this is the time when what you are manifesting may very well appear.  The full moon is also a great night to recharge your crystals under the moonlight and create some moon water for use in future rituals.

The waning moon phase

As the moon diminishes in size back toward the dark and new moon phases it is an ideal time to rest, recuperate, assess your achievements and express gratitude for what you have manifested. 

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