Spell casting channels energy to create a desired outcome.  It is not always precise but it is a powerful practice. Caution should be taken to clarify intent and protect yourself from unintended consequences.

The basics of spell casting are:

  • Casting a circle
  • Calling in the quarters
  • Undertaking the ritual or specific spell
  • Thank the god and goddess (or the universe if you don’t prescribe to deities)
  • Close the circle.
  • Provide an offering and sometimes partake in a cakes and ale ceremony.

Some solitary practitioners use a physical representation of the circle casting and some use visualisation techniques.  Things that you will use for the spell or ritual need to be on the altar or inside the circle – once you cast the circle, leaving it to grab another item breaks it. 

If you would like to learn more about how to cast spells you can join our Spell Casting mini course or check out the spells published on the blog.

I believe the most powerful spells are those we write ourselves. We put our thoughts and energy into words as we write. The intent is reinforced when the spell is cast. If you aren’t confident writing spells yet, that’s ok too. Just find some that you feel comfortable with and build up to writing your own.

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