A besom is a traditional witch’s broom.  No we don’t ride them and fly through the skys but we do use them to sweep energy for rituals.  Generally they are used to sweep negative energy away from places, like your home or office.

In pagan rituals the besom is seen to balance masculine (the phallic handle) and feminine energy (the bristles). In some cultures, the rite of jumping the broom is considered an important part of a marriage ceremony. Many pagan traditions have the bridal couple, jump across a broom as a symbol of fertility and to symbolise their new union. Prior to childbirth it is traditional for women to use a besom to sweep the threshold of the home. This serves a dual purpose – protection and cleansing of the home and preparing for the arrival of the new spirit.

Most witches make their own besoms by gathering their supplies in nature.  A large stick, smaller twigs and some twine.  You can also adorn your besom with other magical items like crystals, pentagrams or anything else that you feel particularly drawn to.

I like to use my besom after doing my weekend housework on a Sunday.  After I’ve vacuumed and mopped the floors I sweep the negative energy out of each room starting in the back left corner of the house and working my way to the front door where I sweep it out the front door.   

As with all your magical tools, remember to consecrate your besom before use.

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