The athame is probably the witchcraft tool that most witches possess.  Pronounced ‘a-tham-ay’, it is a steel knife with a double edged blade and a black handle.

It is one of the four elemental tools utilised in ritual work.  It traditionally represents the element of fire.  The athame is also aligned to the suit of swords in Tarot.

It is used to direct energy during ritual.  It is never intended to cut, do harm or draw blood from another.  If a knife is required to cut herbs or carve candles a different knife is used. This knife is called a boline knife.

The athame can be used to cast a circle for spell work with a coven or as part of solitary practice.  It is also used to invoke elemental guardians by calling in the quarters. 

The athame is used in wiccan rituals to represent the masculine energy, complimented by the chalice which represents feminine energy.  The athame is dipped into the chalice to bless the contents – commonly wine or ale as part of the cakes and ale ritual that follows coven work.

You can make your own athame or purchase one from a supply store – either way you need to make sure it speaks to you and that you consecrate it before use. You can find out more about witchcraft tools in this post.

Blessed be

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